Super Cool Friends; A card game for children to strengthen self-esteem and social skills

Since 2004, we offer therapy materials and educational games that playfully help children to be more social and resilient. You can use them at home, in schools and during psychotherapy sessions. The games are lovingly designed and at the same time worthy and children love them. They allow psychotherapists, teachers, teachers and teachers to learn about their experiences and feelings in a relaxed game situation. They were developed by child psychologist Drs. Anne Kooijman, who for many years has tested them in her therapeutic practice and elementary schools.

We are looking for a partner/licensee who is interested to spread our games in the English speaking region. When you are interested, do not hesitate to write an email to We would love to give you more information!

Supercool Friends, a card game to improve social skills

Supercool Friends, a social skills card game for children from 8 years and up.

Age: 8-88 years
2-6 players

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